Smart Home Devices

WiFi Smart Plugs

  • Power Scheduling – Easily create on/off schedules for your devices
  • Local and Remote Control – Use the free my-dlink Home app to instantly turn devices on/off from your smartphone or tablet
  • Simple setup – Easily connect to existing Wi-Fi with WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup button)
  • Thermal Protection – A built-in thermal sensor will automatically turn off overheating appliances
  • Energy Usage Statistics – Monitor power consumption of connected devices

WiFi Sensors

  • Door / Window Sensors - Detects when a door or window is opened or closed, providing you with a trigger for automating your home.
  • Motion Detector - Whether you are at home or away, push notifications will alert you whenever motion is detected.
  • Smoke Detector – A built-in audio alarm alerts you whenever smoke is detected and sends a push notification to your smartphone or tablet when you're away from home.
  • Water Sensor – Wherever you are, be alerted when a leak is detected in your home with Water Sensor.

WiFi Cameras

  • 720p HD Video Quality – Rich detail and crisp image quality for your surveillance recordings
  • Pan & Tilt Functionality– Cover wider areas of your home with a few simple gestures
  • Local Recording – MicroSD/SDXC card slot for local recording based on event triggers up to 128 GB
  • Wide Angle Viewing – See more with a 110-degree field of view
  • Night Vision – View up to 16 feet in complete darkness
  • Remote Viewing – View on your iPhone, iPad, Android device or Windows phone with the my-dlink Lite app

WiFi Siren

  • Pair it with a motion sensor – Always know when something's moving at home. Pair your Wi-Fi Siren with your Wi-Fi Motion Sensor and get alerted to movement near doorways, windows, and other sensitive areas.
  • Pair it with a water sensor – Stop a problem from becoming a disaster. Pair your Wi-Fi Siren with your Wi-Fi Water Sensor to detect leaks from washing machines and water heaters before they cost you thousands.
  • Easy to set up rules – Automate your home for safety, convenience, or both, using Rules - the easiest and best way to create a smarter and more reactive home.